Creative innovation

"I didn't know artists could do that!" said one young woman in Dunedin, "I've been wondering how I could combine my calling for overseas mission service and my love of art, but didn't think any mission organisation would want me." Another artist, given the opportunity to join other creative people on a short-term trip

Sunday School Teachers United

Malawi's Sunday School Teachers United Movement (STUM) grew out of an idea in 2012, when Pastor John Msowoya was attending one of Kiwi missionary Jim Young’s Sunday school teacher training events. John decided to mobilise the churches in his area by setting up a committee to equip and resource Sunday school teachers.  

Rescuing children

Due to political pressure, Nairobi police are rounding up the city's street kids by the hundreds and putting them in holding centres or cells. The kids usually find their way back to the streets within days or weeks if no one comes to place them in suitable care homes.  Government's attempts to create shelters for them are