Love in Action

From receiving care to caring for and leading others:

SG is a former leprosy patient who became a believer after hearing the good news during his treatment and experiencing the love and care of His followers. After his recovery, he trained in the paramedical field and devoted his life to caring for others affected by leprosy and to growing in his faith. He became a well respected leader in his local fellowship. Our partner J has worked with and mentored him for many years.  Now, he is leading a fellowship in a village area and training others.  He has recently trained 40 younger leaders in various aspects of fellowship leadership. He has co-founded a small organisation to provide care and support to leprosy affected people. It’s so encouraging when people who have received care and input, then give back to others.  In his case, some of the people who once rejected him because he had leprosy are now benefiting from his leadership and care.


Love In Action (Asia) has 2 arms:
1. Strengthening, equipping, encouraging locals involved in leading fellowships or health/development/migrant ministries.

2. Practical outworking of ministry to marginalised or vulnerable people (including migrant, HIV, leprosy, health, development, disaster relief, etc)

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