Love in Action

Love In Action (Asia) knows that supporting people to earn their own income is better than handouts. In countries that already had high unemployment before COVID-19, many young people migrated to seek employment abroad. Hundreds of thousands are now returning home as host countries prioritise their own citizens.
We’ve started thinking about what livelihoods may be needed, post lockdown, and how to facilitate income generation and training for those in our area with extra vulnerability and disabilities. Short agriculture training and assistance for goat-keeping has been started.
Pray that the authorities looking into this may provide entrepreneurships for those in greatest need.


Love in Action has 2 arms:
1. Strengthening, equipping, encouraging locals involved in leading fellowships or health/development/migrant ministries.

2. Practical outworking of ministry to marginalised or vulnerable people (including migrant, HIV, health, development, disaster relief, etc)

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