Hope is growing

Imagine teaching over 100 children in the shed pictured! Actually, this project in South Asia has 123 children registered, and in the dry season they learn outside, but this is where they must squeeze during the monsoon rains.

The last couple of years have been a pilot project, but now with bigger plans and a new partner organisation, our workers are moving towards having a purpose-built structure.

We have had workers living in the villages for the past three years, building relationships and running a free learning centre. In 2020 we received funds which will enable the purchase of land and starting to build a preschool with office and accommodation. Currently we employ two local teachers. Three new teachers and a counsellor from South Asia are in training, preparing to join the school in 2022. Our long-term vision is to have mission workers from mixed cultures living in rural villages, who through educational, health, agricultural and vocational training will reflect the compassion and love of Jesus Christ.

The project region is home to the poorest of the poor, disadvantaged, lowest caste, and culturally rejected people groups who survive on subsistence farming. It is freezing cold in winter (Nov – Jan) and sizzling hot in summer monsoon (June-Sept).


  • This region has a very difficult climate and many cultural & economic challenges, so is not an easy place to serve.
  • For wisdom and excellent communication as we prepare to join up with a partner NGO.

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