The best label?

Over the years, Christians have developed vocabulary to try to describe those who don't know Jesus. One of the most used phrases these days is “unreached people groups” or UPGs. It has become so

Too much water

Rivers are sources of life, but they also take away.        The Niger River is prone to flooding along the banks where the capital city Niamey lies, but this year's floods have

Waiting for Doro

In response to Covid-19, SIM evacuated many of its overseas workers from the Doro Clinic in South Sudan. The borders of South Sudan and Kenya have just re-opened, but for Erica Aarsen, a nurse

The hidden crisis

We’re in a devastating health crisis that is affecting millions. Economists have signaled a severe global economic crisis, with unprecedented levels of unemployment already pushing another 40-50 million people into extreme poverty – a

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