Still much to do

Even where SIM started, there is still work to do. More than half the 180 million people in Nigeria would today claim to be Christians — a testament to the work of SIM’s founders and other agencies who sowed the seeds of a huge gospel growth across central Africa. Our founders Walter Gowans, Thomas Kent and Rowland Bingham

Legacies are made of this

As we look back in our history, there are scores of Kiwis who crossed barriers to bring Jesus to parts of the world where he wasn't known. Too many, even just counting SIM, to tell all their stories here. One story involves Randal Bailey, a doctor who went with his wife Robyn to serve in Benin (and

SIM returns to northern Nigeria

As Boko Haram's influence declines, SIM is moving north again to help reestablish clinics and schools. Ministering among the people of Nigeria’s northern states has been a focus of SIM since our founders first landed in the country in the 1890s. The 12 states that 50 million Muslims call home have long been an emphasis of SIM