Legacies are made of this

As we look back in our history, there are scores of Kiwis who crossed barriers to bring Jesus to parts of the world where he wasn't known. Too many, even just counting SIM, to tell all their stories here. One story involves Randal Bailey, a doctor who went with his wife Robyn to serve in Benin (and

Beautiful Feet

Washing the beautiful feet of our students When Jo-Ann and I were forced out of Ethiopia 38 years ago, we did not leave behind properly trained church leaders – and that always grieved us. But here at the end of our career, the Lord has allowed us to return and pour our lives into the

Back To School

Helping our children succeed This year we feature projects at three international schools which educate and mentor mission partners' kids. Each has a connection with SIM NZ. These schools have a crucial role -- without them offering top quality education, the mission parents wouldn't be where they are.  And without these projects the schools can't keep up-to-date in their work