From Witchdoctor to Educator

“I was only 10 when my parents died suddenly in a car accident. My grandfather was pleased to now have his grandson living with him, as he planned to train me up as his successor. Grandfather was a witchdoctor…”

zambia_mapObby Sianga is part of the APPLE project – a Peer Educator teaching “Lifeskills” to school children in the North Western Province of Zambia.  His experience in witchcraft has motivated him to share the gospel with children who may be as lost as he was.

“At boarding school I made a friend who invited me to church.  I agreed to go, but my heart began beating so fast I wouldn’t allow him to take me. Yet, because I didn’t want to lose my only friend, I decided the following week that no matter what happened, I would go to church.  A missionary preached that day on witchcraft. I thought that my friend had set me up, telling the preacher about me, “No, that’s the Holy Spirit!” he explained.   I couldn’t understand why the preacher had no markings of a witch doctor and yet have that kind of knowledge. My heart began beating very fast again for 2 days, I felt fearful and guilty.  Eventually I gave my heart to God publicly and burned all my charms and medicine. I felt a great sense of peace after that.”

Adam and Heather Bruce (Discovery Christian Centre, Hamilton) observed Obby’s faith and skills increase as he taught school children in Lifeskills topics such as: I’m Valuable,  Family, Friends, Love and sex God’s way, HIV/AIDS, and Choices and Consequences.

“Although I teach Sunday School, I wanted to talk to more young people about God so applied as a Peer Educator.  The Lifeskills topics have helped me understand that, although my parents have died, God is my father – He can be my parent as well. I’ve also come to know that I am special; even though I was making money in witchcraft, God has a better purpose for me now.  Lifeskills is very important and should continue – when I was at school there was no-one to tell us things like this.”