Will you help her?

This week Yurani Suarez is leaving on a daunting journey —  from South America to Niger. She’s a Colombian missionary from the small town of Ayapel, and the furthest she has travelled before is Ecuador (a bordering country).

Naturally a little nervous about the travel and adjustment to a different culture, though confident that the Lord goes with her, Yurani is a brave example in God’s plan of calling people of all nationalities to serve him in other places.  Please pray for her.    

      “There were times when we thought this day might never come but Yurani’s faithfulness to the call on her life to serve in West Africa has challenged and inspired us and ultimately born fruit. She is a remarkable woman and we are thrilled to be putting her on the plane,” say her mentors, Kiwi mission partners Nigel and Richelle Webb.

      Yurani was set to fly to Mali on August 15 for affordable French language study before heading to Niger for longer-term ministry later on. But just 12 hours before she was to board her plane, the Webbs received word that her Mali visa had been denied.

      “We were all stunned and deeply saddened,” they say. “How could we have misheard him so completely? How could He let her down, let her church and supporters down and make such a difficult time of leaving even harder?”

      They regrouped and cried out to the Lord, and found a way ahead — going straight to Niger instead. The Niger visa was granted within three weeks.  However, there are significant extra costs involved in this and Yurani’s financial sources have been exhausted; her Ayapel churches are already giving sacrificially to send her.  “We have nothing else to do but trust and wait on the Lord. We all need to see Him provide a miracle,” Nigel Webb says.

      The ticket changes mean an extra NZ$940 is owing and expenses in Niger mean Yurani needs to find an extra $300 per month.

      Can you help her get to Niger?

Go to sim.org.nz/give to donate to Yurani; mention her name and her mission number — #047314. Both one-off and regular gifts will make such a difference.