Using the talents God gave

SIM videographer Tze-Hung Seeto is using his gifts to mobilise people who can share the good news of Jesus Christ

That strong call from God has taken him all over Asia, to Africa and now to South America, where he has been working in Bolivia, Chile and Peru to develop the gifts God has given him and then help train others to make videos and take pictures.

       “There’s a huge need for this kind of work in mission — to communicate what God is doing and to communicate what great need there still is,” says Tze, a Scot born of Chinese parents.  He has seen this first-hand in Bolivia, where many would identify themselves as Christians but have little concept of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their saviour.  People here say they are Catholics but there’s a lot of syncretism with more traditional religions. It’s often called Andean Catholicism — a legalistic faith, with the idea of good works being very important.

       “It’s a very cultural faith, which becomes part of a person’s identity. It’s hard to evangelise people like that so there’s a huge need for good gospel preachers, who can teach and model what it’s like to be a follower of Jesus,” explains Tze.  And there are still groups in Bolivia and elsewhere in South America who, even today, have had little or no contact with the developed world. In Bolivia alone, there are 36 distinct indigenous people groups who have their own language and their own roots.

       Some live in the Amazon jungle and have never heard the gospel. Tze has been working with a partner organisation, International Tribal Ministries, flying to some of these places where ITM is gradually building up relationships. The local people are starting to trust them, because they keep returning with medicines and other supplies year after year. “Through that, they are able to start talking about Jesus and the hope is that they will one day be able to plant churches in those villages. But this is long-term work.”

— Tim Allan