They need rope holders

Mission partners need us. Those at home. Not only do they need our help raising funds, they need our friendship — keeping in touch with them. And one of the things that I think we find hardest: supporting them consistently, regularly, in prayer.

When I was a small child in a Baptist Sunday School I remember an extra activity that we did, called Ropeholders, where we prayed for and raised money for missionaries. I never gave thought to why it was called that; let’s face it, many things in church had quaint names — but the penny dropped recently when I read this quote from William Carey at the start of his mission venture, saying in language typical for 1793: “I am willing to be lowered into the depths of the mine to dig, but remember, you must hold the ropes.” An interesting analogy for supporting our mission partners in prayer, because it emphasizes the important role of those at home. In this partnership, if we neglect our end of the rope … what then?

SIM’s motto is ‘By Prayer’  and SIM New Zealand has various aids to supporting our mission partners in prayer.  Our quarterly magazine Together has a pull-out section with daily prayer requests. The weekly prayer email SIMply Prayer has the latest updates from our mission partners. To go on the list to receive one or both of these, simply email

And now there’s a new tool: an app for smartphones or iPads, that allows you to customise how often you receive prayer requests direct to you, with an option to choose the SIM New Zealand track.

 Download the SIM Prayer app to your iphone/ipad or android phone:


For more detailed instructions on how to get started, click here.

— Zoë Cromwell