Art at the edge

PaintART THERAPY is an area crying out for input from artists in cities where mission partners care for girls and women rescued from incest or slavery in the sex trade. Art therapists have ideal skills to contribute to helping survivors of this trauma rebuild their lives. The women say they’re not really free until they are free of all the after-effects, and under the guidance of a trained therapist, they can, with God’s freeing grace,  express and deal with memories and feelings which often go too deep for words. In scripture when God spoke to his prophets, the message was often wrapped in what we would call performance art or installation – think of the burning bush and Moses, the valley of the dry bones – and today when Jesus is speaking into a wounded spirit, often the message will be in the form of a picture.

Refugee camps where children are massively disadvantaged and acutely traumatised,  and HIV work where huge hurts need to be expressed,  are other settings where art therapy is a facilitative tool of healing and compassion, showing God’s love.

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