Cheated No Longer

"Before I could read and write, I used to get lost in the market as I could not read the signboards. The shopkeepers used to cheat me on goods and money. But now because of the Adult Literacy classes from Good Neighbour Nepal, I can read, I can write and I can even help my

Outreach to Troubled Youth

Stretching out the hands of God’s grace to those on the margins of society is a key mission for the Radical Grace team in Chiang Mai, Thailand. So it was a natural fit to provide an education programme about the connection between broken relationships and HIV to young people living in the relationally difficult setting

Concern for the Environment

SIM Statement on Our Concern for the Environment - January 2011  As a mission organization founded upon the authority of the Word of God and the supremacy of Christ in all things, SIM desires to be forthright in its declaration that “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who