Sunday School Teachers United

Malawi’s Sunday School Teachers United Movement (STUM) grew out of an idea in 2012, when Pastor John Msowoya was attending one of Kiwi missionary Jim Young’s Sunday school teacher training events. John decided to mobilise the churches in his area by setting up a committee to equip and resource Sunday school teachers.

       Jim and John worked together to form an organisation that has evolved into 22 district committees covering over half of the country. The districts are divided into Zones and divided again into smaller groupings called Clusters (groups of village churches). A key person is the training officer in each zone who is trained and resourced with teacher lesson books to go and equip teachers. STUM has also started training zone sports coordinators who use sports as a means of evangelism amongst the churches.

STUM’s head office has a team of seven led by John Msowoya. John is coming to New Zealand in November to thank supporters in New Zealand and to promote the ongoing work of STUM, which aims to grow throughout the whole country of Malawi in the coming years.

Often in the local churches discipling has been almost solely for the adults, as pastors see them as the source of financial support. But the children are the church of the future, and now they are increasingly being taught by dedicated teachers who receive quality training, lesson books and other materials thanks to STUM.

Please give to support this work, by emailing and quoting project number- 096556.

Pray for:.

  • John Msowoya and the STUM team as they continue to train and resource teachers.
  •  the expansion of the work
  • creative ways the churches can use to provide the regular financial support STUM needs to continue.
  • John Msowoya’s visit to NZ in November to report and promote the work.