Is it safe?

Our hearts have been broken by the tragic events in Christchurch on Friday, March 15. In our last Together magazine we published this article from SIM's Security and Crisis Management Coordinator addressing risk and safety. 

God goes ahead

Often we think the work of ministry begins when the mission worker arrives on the field, forgetting that God is always at work and he doesn’t need us to accomplish his perfect plan; really

For their freedom

A group of 50 young Nigerian women, promised a better life, had made it overland across the obstacle of the Sahara, run the gauntlet of exploiters waiting for them in Libya, and amazingly, made

Cries of the heart

Loud wails rose into the office at Redlight Greenlight from the girls’ residence two stories below. I ran down the uneven stairs to find Manisha trying to force the door open. She was crying, “I want to

Keeping it real

Over the holiday break, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking regarding mission and the church. Specifically, how these two ideas became separate streams of thought. It’s as if we feel the freedom to

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