Books on wheels

Just as “the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation” are beautiful, so is the SIM book van that transports the Word of God

Bilong Niu Gini

“Mi no harim tok bilong yu” (I don’t understand you) is not a phrase that Phil and Jill Tait are likely to need. After a total of 11 years’ missionary work in Papua New

Not a roadblock!

When our plans, those plans God clearly opened up before us, get interrupted, we tend to react to it as to a roadblock. Then we might reflect spiritually, and say, “Ah, God must

The best label?

Over the years, Christians have developed vocabulary to try to describe those who don't know Jesus. One of the most used phrases these days is “unreached people groups” or UPGs. It has become so

Too much water

Rivers are sources of life, but they also take away.        The Niger River is prone to flooding along the banks where the capital city Niamey lies, but this year's floods have

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