Safari Business needs teachers!

tanzania-1My wife and I run a safari business in a remote area of Tanzania. The local community granted us some land next to a village, along a river. One of the country’s game reserves lies next to the property. It’s a typical day: our progress up river is considerably slowed by a line of hippos stretching from bank to bank. In the evening they are “book-ended” by a medium-sized elephant guarding our Land Cruiser, and a seemingly countless number of ants. The ants, affected by the temperature outside or a shift of the moon, flood into our house and run us out in the early morning hours. But by the time the sun has fully risen, they are gone.

Although our village is isolated, the local government census tallies 4,000 people. Between our family and the nearest missionaries, who live three hours away, are villages that are home to thousands of people who do not know Jesus. They are Muslim, but animism has mixed with it to form a folk Islam. Sadly, many are held in fear: afraid of life, afraid of death. Yet we serve the One who is greater than their fears.

We need Christian teachers!

safari2 Our agreement with the community is that we will provide jobs. Because of this, our neighbors have a reason to interact with us every day. From the top chairperson of the village to youths looking for work, many come to us. Another promise we made was to one day open an English school on our land. When it opens, it will be in demand by every age group. Now we are praying for Christian teachers who will come serve with us … loving the students and developing the curriculum as they seek to establish God’s Kingdom. We want to transform the world by investing our lives in other lives. When the light of Christ burns brightly in our home, our light will catch others on fire. Although we live in a place darkened by witchcraft, false prophets and fear, we want to allow the Spirit of God inside us to direct us to the most immediate needs.

It has always been our ambition to preach the gospel where Christ is not known, so that we do not build on another’s foundation. About 99 percent of the people in this remote area do not know Christ. But God loves them so much that he sent his Son to save them. Through our ministry and presence, he has opened a door to proclaim this good news, a door that only he can shut. Please contact SIM New Zealand (email  if you think God may be calling you to join us.

by a member of the SIM Tanzania team