With the refugees in South Sudan

SIM’s clinic in Doro, South Sudan, serves thousands of refugees who have fled war from over the borders, some lately even from Tigray in Ethiopia. Rumours are that there will be many more as things continue to get worse in the North.

Due to the clinic’s good reputation amongst the refugees, we see many of these people,” says our nurse at the clinic, Erica Aarsen. “Some come with stories of atrocious things that have happened to them in their homelands. We thank God that they have come to us and pray that they find him here as well. Outpatient numbers keep growing. There are many followers of Islam as well as people who practice traditional beliefs. We often see patients at the clinic with charms and amulets that they believe will protect them from illness and evil.

“The work at the clinic has been going well,” Erica reports. “I recently treated a severely malnourished little girl who also had malaria, pneumonia, intestinal worms and scabies! It was sad to see, however after a few weeks of treatment she has returned looking healthy and eating well, praise God. The clinic staff were also praying for her and her mother and continue to do so, it is great to see the power of prayer.”

A big need, Erica says, is for more training for the South Sudan staff who continue working well, despite having their own challenges living in the refugee camps. They need training in both clinical skills and in reaching out as Christians to the patients.

Perhaps your skills fit here? “Anyone willing to come alongside and encourage and teach either of the above would really help us. We love the staff at the clinic and we are here to serve them as well, and help them to be the best that they can be. When we take care of them, they are better equipped to take care of the patients, which benefits us all.” To ask about the training roles, contact nzletstalk@sim.org. To give to the clinic, click here and quote project number 98018-SD.

Pray :
–for Sudan. For many of Erica’s and colleagues this is their home. It is very discouraging for them to see their country slip further into military rule and poverty.
–for peace. Again there has been fighting in Doro with some people being killed in tribal conflicts. Pray for God’s hand of mercy and peace.