Outreach to Troubled Youth

Radical 4Stretching out the hands of God’s grace to those on the margins of society is a key mission for the Radical Grace team in Chiang Mai, Thailand. So it was a natural fit to provide an education programme about the connection between broken relationships and HIV to young people living in the relationally difficult setting of the a local corrections facility.

Radical Grace, in conjunction with the global HOPE for AIDS ministry, teamed up with members of Sports Friends Thailand to put on a show that included a live band, games, personal stories and a sketch about the biology of HIV. At least 500 boys and a few girls were entranced as they watched their friends in the roles of various germs and antibodies.

A relationship was formed with staff at the facility and the team hopes the event will provide future opportunities to help young people at the extreme edges of society to see that their lives and the choices they make do matter.


The team returns to the Girls’ Prison on 20th and 22nd of May

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