Mohammad’s story

My father woke me from a deep sleep. “Get up!” he said. “We’ve got to go,”  and, with that, we set off in our truck in the blackest night. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, he told me to get out. Then he turned me over to a people-smuggler, explaining I had to go it was better for me.

       “But why, father? Why?” I asked. “You must go, it’s better for you,” he insisted, and I was on my way.  After a horrendous trip, I found myself on the Greek island of Lesvos. There I met a young man — one of the helpers — leaving the camp for the night and I hurried to catch up with him to find out why he was there.

       His name was Nikos and he was with a group of students from the Greek Bible College. Since we both spoke English as a second language  he was able to explain why they were there. I spent the next few days with the students as they cleaned the camp and offered us clothes and food.  The students were fun to be around and they were very kind but Nikos got sick while he was there, so I didn’t get to say goodbye when they left. But he sent another student to find me and give me a copy of God’s word on an MP3 player in my own language and also sent me his address. I listened to that MP3 player over and over.

        In time, I got to Athens. It’s hard and I need work. Nikos found me and I told him my mother was sick and I desperately wanted to help her. Nikos told me to cry out to God through Jesus Christ.

       “But I don’t know this Jesus!” I said. “How can I do that?” He told me to simply speak to Jesus, so I went into a church and called to Jesus to please heal my mother — and he did!

       I still don’t have work, but Nikos meets with me and talks to me of the love of God. He tells me of a Saviour. He explains God’s word to me. Slowly I’m starting to understand…


  • That Mohammed continues to find answers in Jesus.
  • To strengthen and uphold Christians like Nikos.
  • Pray for Stef, doing similar work in a Middle Eastern city.
  • That God’s people respond, mobilise and show Christ’s love to migrants in New Zealand and around the world.