Men Wanted (Se Buscan Hombres)


An advert like this in an Ecuadorian newspaper might appear in the personal adverts from women looking to find the men of their dreams!  But two single, female mission partners serving in a small rural town aren’t looking for romantic partners.  For the church to mature in Loja province, the small groups of believers would benefit from strong male leadership in teaching and pastoral areas.  Religion is seen as a women’s thing and to break this misconception generations of men in the province need to see  a man, like them, living out his faith before them.

Ecuador teen. BremnerWe need men who can:

•    Relate to the men of the area and befriend them.
•    Share their faith in conversation and be living testimonies.
•    Help new male believers grow in their faith, walking alongside them and holding them accountable.
•    Be role models in how to relate to others as a husband, father, and friend.

Reaching men here with the Gospel is not an easy task. It requires men of strong character, faith, and determination. God can use any skill, ability and talent for His glory, BUT only if you are willing to let Him. So the question is—are you?

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