Meet Nyambura

She’s a very bright 14-year-old girl from Mombasa, a candidate for Kenyan Grade 8 exams on March 22 that could give her a chance for the future. But she often misses school through no fault of her own.

Last month SIM Kenya’s Children At Risk Ministry found her sitting in a trash-filled lane with her books, deep in revision, sitting outside the makeshift lean-to made of cardboard and plastic where she lives with her 29-year-old pregnant mother and four young siblings. The mother, usually high on alcohol and drugs, doesn’t see education as a priority.

A week later, when two volunteers visited, the mother was nowhere to be seen and Nyambura was boiling some rice for the other kids, having told the school she would be absent with a ‘headache’. SIM’s Beatrice Njoroge had left food parcels for the family, hoping it would last a while. Only the rice was left.

Nyambura showed them a composition she had written at school, titled My Dream Goal and Future: “When I was in class 2, I got in an accident. My father passed away, and I was injured.  My mother didn’t have money to take me to a neurosurgeon.

“My aim is to become a neurosurgeon… to go to a high school… go to a university abroad to get my degree. After this I will come back to my country and treat people despite their financial hardship.  About the place I am coming from, I will change this place… Not forgetting to change my mother’s life also.”

Beatrice says that in spite of her circumstances of poverty and lack of parental support, she has persevered with study to reach the level of Kenyan national exams. Rescuing the family is taking some time because the government has directed rescue centres not to admit new cases. “Getting better shelter for the whole family would be a good option but there is a cost to that which our volunteers are unable to meet,” Beatrice says.

“Humanly speaking, we couldn’t imagine how this family would ever find hope.  Pray with us for God to intervene.

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