Made in heaven

JoWallace-crop2So you’re a teacher in Orewa or Te Aro or Northeast Valley. There are kids that you impact every day, who are learning life skills and soaking up knowledge under your guidance. Your life is full.

But who will teach those other kids in Niamey or Kathmandu or Chiang Mai? The ones whose parents have gone there, and other places, to be Christ-followers in challenging situations?  How will the parents stay doing this work, if they worry about education for their children?

It happens every year. The international schools where our mission partners’ kids go on different continents put out the call for teachers. Every year some teachers hear the call and go, enriching not only their lives but also their teaching practice.  And most years the schools struggle to cover their curriculum because “not quite enough” teachers have seen this ministry as their own.

There are so many reasons why teaching “over there” is something to consider. When I went (for a one-year placement which turned into three years at an international school in Africa) I didn’t have much trouble knowing I had been called. It happened suddenly as I read a newsletter from some mission parents who mentioned at the bottom: “ps – the school where our kids go urgently needs teachers of…” and I literally went hot and cold when I saw the subject which I could teach in that list. Six months later I was halfway around the world meeting other teachers from Ethiopia, South Africa, Norway, UK, Australia, Canada and the US. My teaching skills improved under a programme of professional development.  I learned the friendship of God in new ways. I travelled new places. I mentored amazing kids.

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illustration: Geography teacher Jo Wallace on the job in Ethiopia