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SIM: stands for Serving in Mission – its who we are and what we do

Koru: means growth – we want to see our mission partners thrive and God’s kingdom to grow

No. 8 wire: speaks of kiwi ingenuity serving in mission

What is kiwi ingenuity serving in mission?

Needle-free injections is just one recent example of kiwi ingenuity. For over 120 years, New Zealanders have taken this no.8 wire – “give it a go” – mentality with them as they make a difference in multi-cultural mission teams around the world.

As a people connected to the land and with an affinity to nature we are often found in very practical development roles. Our egalitarianism  means that we happily serve alongside or under the national church. As part of a bi-cultural and increasingly multi-cultural nation we can relate to people of other cultures, whatever Kiwi ethnic group we are from.

Kiwi ingenuity doesn’t mean an “I can do it” arrogance, but coupled with a reliance on prayer and upon the Lord, our God-given creativity gives many kiwis a MacGyver-like ability to solve problems, often using unconventional means or making use of whatever happens to be lying around.

We are not all rugged pioneers and individualists. A No.8 wire fence is best put up 3 strands at a time to make it stronger and minimize breakage. New Zealanders work especially well in small multi-cultural teams that give people a chance to contribute according to their giftings.

Even though we are easy going, some find it hard to understand our self-depreciating humour and “terms of endearment”;  at times our egalitarianism causes us to challenge all authority and forget that there is such a thing as servant followership as well as servant leadership.

Nevertheless, as Kiwis, we have a unique role to play in God’s mission in the world alongside people from other nations. Whether in the hard places of the world or in multi-cultural teams our kiwi ingenuity  is a strength that will help the Kingdom advance. Our mission partners are not super-heroes just servant leaders – mere servants of Christ who have been put in charge of explaining God’s mysteries (1 Cor 4:1).

At SIM New Zealand we want to facilitate people to join in with what God is doing around the world, empowered to thrive and to make a difference.  Have a look around our website and let us know how you want to be involved.