Insecurity in South Sudan
Villagers fleeing from Bunj after hearing gunshots.     Photo: Sandy Ewan

Villagers fleeing from Bunj after hearing gunshots. Photo: Sandy Ewan

Since the 1940s SIM has had ministry connections to the Maban people in the northeast of South Sudan. Thankfully the situation in Maban County has remained stable enough for SIM to maintain a presence throughout the current unrest in the country.

But two weeks ago this area experienced fighting for the first time when a group from within the pro-government army stole weapons and decided to defect, meeting opposition from the local youth militia. There is currently a stand-off between these two groups in the county capital Bunj. The defectors are outnumbered but appear to be well armed.

This clash has resulted in a tense situation in Bunj; many residents have relocated about 4km away to Doro, where SIM’s ministries are based, to wait until it’s safe to return to their homes.

The SIM team on the ground are not a target, but the situation is concerning and is being closely monitored. It takes a great deal of prayer – for wisdom, for judgement, and trusting the Lord to provide it. It means taking phone calls at all hours. It means providing a listening ear. It means communicating with partner agencies and seeking counsel from Sudanese friends. Please join the Doro team in praying:

  • For the team as they restrict their movements and activities while waiting for the situation to be resolved.
  • For the many people who have fled Bunj and are camping near or on SIM compounds. Pray that we can be a comfort to them during this time.
  • Most importantly pray that the situation will be resolved peacefully. We are asking the Lord to remove the contingent of defecting soldiers without further bloodshed.

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