How will they hear?

IN the unprecedented movement of people away from their homes to other places on the planet, God has given us tremendous opportunities. 65.6 million men, women & children have now been forcibly displaced worldwide. Are we just “watchers” or are we grasping the chance to do our small part in the migrations reaching right to our suburbs?

The How Will They Hear campaign believes the single greatest need of all migrants and refugees is to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Together our desire is to mobilise the worldwide church and to make the voices of millions of Christians count in a campaign that could have an impact for generations to come. We want to do this by raising awareness, inspiring prayer, and enabling more people to share the gospel amongst migrants and refugees.


How about praying for 14 days?  This link will take you to a prayer guide with items to prompt your thoughts, prepared by the UK initiative How Will They Hear? which SIM is part of.


We have a number of options if you are thinking about going overseas. They range from short term opportunities in refugee camps or long term working with churches in Germany or the Middle East. For some placements it’s helpful if you can speak a language but this is not essential as we have placements for English speakers. We just ask that you have a heart to take the gospel to migrants and refugees and share our passion that no one should live or die without hearing the gospel. You could be part of an EXPLORE team heading to Greece this NZ winter. Spend 10 days helping with the day to day running of ministry centres building relationships and sharing the gospel. For more information contact

Want to get involved but can’t go overseas? Is it time for you and your church to think about how you get involved locally with migrants and refugees? There are programmes and resources to help your church think about how you can get involved in your own neighbourhood. For more information see this website. If you think you would like to understand more about their religious beliefs, contact Shashi at