How to make a difference

Last year SIM New Zealand received $204,000 in bequests which were used partly in projects in South Sudan — at the medical clinic in Doro and for repair work on missionary housing.

South Sudan Director, Jonathan Cross, has responded, “this gift came at a time when our doctor in the clinic was discouraged over finding funding and our missionaries were losing significant sleep at night due to deferred repairs in keeping bats, rodents, and lizards out of houses as we didn’t have the money to make the necessary repairs.

“Though we still need to make progress in raising additional funds, this gift of love in a time of loss brings such joy to our hearts in seeing the Lord’s provision through his people. Not only do I thank you, as the director of SIM South Sudan, but the missionaries in Doro thank you for showing us love. We will continue to bring the message of salvation and the love God grants us to the people in South Sudan with thanks in our hearts for you and more sleep to give us the energy to persevere!”

SIM New Zealand is grateful to those donors who remembered us in their estate planning during the past year. Bequests to us contribute significantly to our long-term financial well-being, and help us ensure the success of our programmes.

Supporters on a fixed income and unable to send money now, might still wish to consider leaving SIM New Zealand something in their will. Naming us in your will is not difficult, and you can designate any amount or percentage of your estate that you wish. As you make plans for your estate, we hope that you will consider a bequest to us.

For more information about bequests and other planned gifts, please contact us at