A bright hope in Ukraine

A major Bible school has reopened in Ukraine, even as fighting continues in the country. It goes without saying that they need our prayers.

Leadership and faculty staff at Odesa Theological Seminary, which is a close partner of SIM, have decided to start the new academic year as usual, despite the ongoing invasion by Russia.

Courses will be running on campus, online, and also at extension sites in some of the areas where students live.  A spokesperson for the college says: “[A few weeks ago] we had the first campus session for the students of the Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry programme. It was a time not just of learning, but of great fellowship for both students and faculty.

“The usual routine — lectures, breaks, homework, student fellowship — which we used to take for granted, feels like something special and even therapeutic this year! The students left for their churches refreshed and encouraged.”

The college, which has more than 2,000 graduates, was founded in 1989 and runs courses in Pastoral Ministry, Leadership of Christian Education, Biblical Preaching and Biblical Studies. As well as training gospel ministers, the school is also seeking to live it out. Anticipating a difficult winter, and irregularities in gas and electricity supplies owing to the war, they are considering opening dormitories for people who have lost their homes.

While all acknowledge the instability and potential danger, students and staff say they are grateful to God for the opportunity to continue training and being equipped to share the gospel.

— Chris Moss, SIM International
• For the establishment of a just and stable peace in Ukraine.
• For the safety of students and faculty, their families, and for all Ukrainians.
•  For wisdom in preparing for the coming winter.