Holy Ground

hope4aidsHave you even been in a place and suddenly you realise that this is ‘holy ground’? On a recent home visit our Radical Grace team experienced this. We were visiting a lady whose life had been and remains tough. On this visit she was physically unwell and she was mentally and emotionally at a low ebb. As we spent time with her and her family listening to her stories of both joys and sadness I was reminded of Matthew 25:36-45 and saw Jesus looking back at us. But surprisingly for me that wasn’t the holy moment, that came later when a member of our team Radical Grace prayed a prayer of passion, love and emotion.

It was from a relationship that had developed over three years which had created the invitation for Christian prayer in this Buddhist home. Grace and love opens doors. As our friend sobbed and our team hugged her God was working. Then her three year old daughter sensed that something real was happening inside her mother and this little girl left her game to hug her mum. Tears rolling down her cheeks. It was ‘holy ground’ and God was at work. The icing on a great cake was that the two government workers who we are partnering with on this visit, witnessed (withness) the power of prayer and experienced God at work

Project Radical Grace is about creating opportunities through HIV prevention and promotion of care as our platform to transform lives, families and communities. Working with HIV is about people, justice and bringing shalom through holistic inner healing. We are passionate about training others to use their gifts, relationships and ministry to bring a ‘withness’ to those vulnerable in our  communities. We currently have 5 in our team and are excited by what God is doing. Please join us in prayer for complex issues in gender, sex, death, stigma, youth, communities, spirits and justice which all have a significant part to play as to why nobody wants to engage with this Issue. Please partner with us by financially supporting this project as it develops.

Smiles and blessings
Kenneth Fleck

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