Glimpses of life at Mukinge

-from the newsletters of Dr David Friend who serves as a doctor at Mukinge Hospital

Challenges in the work

mukinguebedsOrthopaedics is becoming a growth area for the theatre as more patients arrive here from a wide area. The visiting orthopaedic surgeon from Lusaka, now flies in for a visit nearly every month. One morning I was writing up some notes when a trolley zoomed into the male ward with a big man on board. To my horror, blood was pouring out a large wound in the upper arm, making a pool on the floor in no time. What a joy to put pressure on the wound, scoot the trolley around to theatre and do an emergency amputation. The “joy” of course was not to take off his right arm, but to be able to pull him back from the absolute brink.



The joy of seeing long-term projects slowly come to life

Kamusongolwa PrisionThe prison chapel is now up and running and services are being held regularly on Sunday and for small groups during the week. The inmates love it when visiting groups bring their instruments and they can dance to music. I think music is an excellent way of reaching these men’s hearts. I think that in different life circumstances, any of us could be there too, the majority are not inherently bad and with some modest inputs of time and resources, good results are possible. I have learnt a lot about culture, crime and building and have made good friends outside the hospital, which is not a bad thing. It is my prayer that SIM will send workers to assist with the prison.


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Mukinge Hospital

Mukinge hospital    Since opening in 1952, Mukinge Hospital has provided medical care, hope, life skills and community care to the people of northwest Zambia, along with training and missions experience to hundreds of short-term and long-term missionaries, including New Zealanders with SIM.

Mukinge Hospital has 200 beds divided between 7 separate in-patient wards connected by covered sidewalks. Wards include male, female, maternity (1,300 – 1400 deliveries a year), acute paediatrics, chronic paediatrics (mostly malnutrition), eye and TB. In addition, there is an active out-patient department (OPD) and numerous support services. The hospital cares for an average of 150-160 in-patients per day, and 160-180 out-patients per day. “Local patients” travel as far as 5 days on foot / bike to reach the hospital, with a growing number of other patients coming to Mukinge’s remote setting from distant cities & towns.



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