Flooding in Nepal

MImage (2)any villages of South Nepal are under water, and flash flooding and landslides in the country have killed at least 80 people. In Nawalparasi, one of Good Neighbour Nepal’s working areas, the Narayani river overflowed. Local people said they panicked and fled their houses when the water level came up to their necks in the middle of the night — and kept rising. One man and his wife described how when they managed to climb a poplar tree to save their lives, in the darkness snakes and scorpions also came up the tree — they could not see them but could feel them on their bodies.  At least one woman was bitten by a snake. Children and old people suffered the most.
Though many escaped with their lives as they fled their houses, they have now lost everything apart from the clothes they were wearing. Food, clothes, bedding – all swept away in the floodwaters. 500 households in Nawalparasi have already appealed for help, having lost everything they own.
Good Neighbour has experience in disaster response, and has good working relationships with local government and with churches in the affected area through our community development ministry. Our local staff have already met with people and government officers who have requested our support. Good Neighbour’s executive director, board chairman and disaster response staff  travelled to Nawalparasi on Tuesday (July 26) to also meet affected people, government and church leaders, do a preliminary survey and design potential support. Flood waters have now receded, leaving some damaged or destroyed homes, and many families had most of their belongings swept away in the flood; 300 families have been prioritised as most in need of relief supplies, having lost everything, followed by another 200 who saved a few belongings but lost their homes.

Please pray

  • for safety in travel, for meetings with government and churchesImage-3.png
  • that the team can be an encouragement to local churches and can mobilise church members to reach out to those affected in their local community in a productive way.
  • for all affected by flooding, especially those who have lost everything.
  • for finance to enable Good Neighbour to provide emergency relief supplies to those in need,

To contribute to this disaster response, go here quoting project NP98383 Good Neighbour Nepal.
Funds will be used initially to buy basic food supplies (rice, lentils..), personal hygiene supplies, safe drinking water, bedding, tarpaulins for temporary shelter, and mosquito nets (malaria season)

For more information about the Good Neighbour Nepal project, go here