Excuse me…

excuseMeKeeping in touch

One of the challenges in a media-crazy world of giving important stories the exposure they desperately need,  is how to get them in front of people’s eyes. Everybody from a company launching new, improved kitchen thingees to a prime minister selling new flags wants your attention! Some of their strategies are clever, off-the-wall; take the new Peanuts movie’s offer of an easy way to make yourself into a Peanuts cartoon character. Two minutes on the internet, lots of laughs, and bingo – they’ve publicised their new movie.

So amongst the media clamour, how do people with serious stories to tell manage to say “Excuse me, we’d love your attention.”?

We respectfully suggest: please like us on Facebook.  Not only do we draw attention to our own people overseas, but often connect to other missions and to articles about mission issues that impact everyone involved in kingdom living. We know you are bombarded, but liking SIM New Zealand’s page  here is a great way to keep in touch with us.


Once you’ve liked the page, then like or comment on a recent post or two, that way Facebook really knows you are interested and will let you see some of our posts in your feed.  Thanks.