A Second Chance At Life

What a challenge: to match the words that we speak about God’s love with the actions that make a difference in God’s world.

As one girl puts it, “I received Jesus and God wrote my name in heaven to live with him….When I lived on the street, nothing made me happy, I had no fun and was not doing good things. When I came here, I heard the good word of God”.

These girls now attend school, have food, clothing and a safe place to live, and most have made decisions to follow Jesus. This was where Karen McKenzie-Burnell spent 2006 in Ethiopia serving with the Urban Ministries Team in the capital, Addis Ababa. Karen recalls:

“This was an incredible experience. These are girls whose lives are radically different because they received the message of freedom in Christ, coupled with the practical help they needed to get off the streets. I was able to spend much of my time working with the “Deborah House” girls. I spent time tutoring them in English, teaching Bible studies and Life skills, running a social programme and planning a Christmas programme.”