English ministry: success on so many levels

ESL PeruJaime was a Peruvian military officer applying to study in Europe, and trying to find ways to prepare for the required English tests. He found “Lima English,” a ministry offering English lessons with a biblical message in large and small group sessions, as well as immersion camps and informal activities.

Chris Conti, a SIM missionary in Peru, remembers Jaime’s first class. He came with his girlfriend, both invited by a friend. They learned vocabulary and took part in conversational activities based around the topic of priorities. Jaime admits that when he found Lima English, he recognized that his life was missing more than just English. But the Bible was overwhelming to him. And he did not seem to respond well to a biblical reflection using rocks, pebbles and sand to illustrate the need to make knowing God a priority. “Seeing the looks on their faces, I nearly ended the illustration early,’ says Chris. “Jaime and Lily looked at me with what I interpreted as a mixture of disgust and boredom. “But a few months later, when Jaime accepted Christ, he told me that it was during that illustration that God knocked at the door to his heart.”

English ministries in Latin America offer incredible opportunities to reach out through partnerships with churches, cafés, universities and institutes. SIM has openings for such ministries in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. Teams and individuals are needed.  Extensive training or experience in English teaching is often not required. Students can learn grammar in institutes, but they need help practicing what they know. “All you need is to have a desire to help Latinos learn English and learn about God,” Chris explains. “Nearly everything we do is conversation-based, with enjoyable activities and small group discussions.”

English ministry:
•    Reaches those who normally would not enter church
•    Disciples young Christians in their faith
•    Provides opportunities for mature Christians to reach out to their friends
•    Helps local English teachers gain better teaching strategies and skills
•    Builds relationships naturally for fellowship and evangelism
•    Prepares missionary candidates who need English to serve internationally

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Suzanne Green, with Chris Conti