Updates on Ebola virus crisis in Liberia

16 June 2015

​Ebola survivor Nancy Writebol will be back in Liberia today (June 16), ready to start work again at the very hospital where she contracted the disease.

– See more at: www.sim.co.uk/nancy


2 June 2015

After Liberia Declared ‘Ebola-free,’ New Cases Reported

After 45 days of no new Ebola cases, Liberian health officials had declared the country Ebola-free in May. Now there are a number of new Ebola cases reported in that country, one of whom is being treated in the Ebola Treatment Center at SIM’s ELWA campus in Monrovia.

The first new case was a 17-year-old boy, who has since died, according to the Liberian Ministry of Health. The second was transported to ELWA. The two victims were in the same contact chain. The ministry has isolated the community where the patient stayed, providing food and supplies to them during a 21-day monitoring period.

SIM’s ELWA Hospital housed half of Liberia’s Ebola treatment beds during the height of the crisis.   ELWA medical and support staff worked tirelessly to keep ELWA Hospital open and operating when very few hospitals in Liberia were functioning. Construction is underway on a new SIM ELWA Hospital, which will provide expanded capability, medical training facilities, plus a wider range of medical services.  The new facility, being built in partnership with Samaritan’s Purse, is expected tbe completed in 2016.

A current focus for SIM in Liberia is working with Ebola survivors and those affected by Ebola through specialized medical treatment and trauma-healing workshops for families and others touched by the crisis.

“This year marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of SIM’s ELWA Hospital,” said SIM USA President Bruce Johnson. “SIM was in Liberia long before the Ebola crisis, and we continue to stand with and serve Liberians, together looking forward to a brighter future.”



31 March 2015

As the Ebola outbreak diminishes, stay up-to-date at praytoendebola.org

When the Ebola virus wreaked havoc on West Africa, the eyes of the world turned to Liberia and SIM’s ELWA Hospital. The epidemic dominated headlines for months and fear of the life shattering illness ignited the globe.

At the center, ELWA Hospital offered quality treatment with the compassion and care of Jesus Christ to those desperate for healing and hope.

Through it all, we leaned on the prayers and support of our dedicated partners like you. When we found ourselves suddenly at the center of an exploding epidemic, we were strengthened by God’s supernatural care—and by the generosity of caring hearts. Words cannot express our gratitude for your partnership and prayers.

For His glory and because of His unfailing love,

Bruce Johnson
SIM USA President


1 October 2014

SIM is in the midst of a full week of focused prayer. Please join us in asking God to stop the Ebola virus in West Africa. SIM International has created a new website to post updates,  www.praytoendebola.org.  Forward this broadly among your contacts in partner ministries and churches, and may the God who hears our prayers respond swiftly.

Please pray today individually, with a friend, in groups, as families, and as an entire Church:

  • Pray that God would intervene to end the Ebola crisis.
  • Also, pray that courageous health workers who risk their lives to care for Ebola victims would be protected.

The World Health Organization reports more than 6,500 cases and more than 3,100 confirmed deaths due to Ebola since the outbreak in early 2014, with the spread still out of their control.  It is time to pray! God has promised that he will hear us. “Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress.” (Psalm 107:28)

Latest Update on Ebola virus in Liberia

ELWA Hospital The hospital continues to offer limited services at a time when many other hospitals are closed. The obstetric department is working to save lives daily. Women arrive sometimes in a poor state having driven around trying to find somewhere to have their baby.  We are also offering non-emergency operations and several surgeries have also saved lives. Please pray that we will soon be able to open a limited paediatric department for non-emergency care.    

ELWA 2 Ebola Management Centre   Last week there were about 50 patients in the ELWA 2 Ebola Management Center. Praise God that 19 patients were cured and released within a 2-day period! The unit will soon run short of Personal Protection Equipment as well as medicines that help patients to build their own immune systems and thereby fight the virus. We have offers of help, but the logistics and transport issues are serious. Please pray that transport can be organised for the much needed equipment to arrive on time.  

ELWA Radio   The radio is faithfully broadcasting many messages in many languages, informing listeners how to stay safe from Ebola. They continue to preach the Gospel of hope that can be found with Christ. A shortwave radio transmitter is ready to be shipped to ELWA. It will enable messages to be broadcast a further distance away, especially into Sierra Leone, Guinea and other neighbouring countries. Again, the logistics and transport problems are significant. Please pray that this much needed piece of equipment will soon arrive and be set up.    

ELWA   A Liberian Ebola Response Team meets regularly to discuss the needs of the ELWA community. The income from the hospital and school has dropped considerably, and there are increased costs to pay the staff, the utilities and manage this crisis. Food prices have almost doubled in a country where the average person lives on 60 cents a day. Please pray for people to give generously towards the Ebola Crisis in Liberia: project 95217.   We serve a God who turns his face towards those who suffer.  “For he has not despised or scorned the suffering of the afflicted one; he has not hidden his face from him, but has listened to his cry for help.” (Psalm 22:24) Like the Christ we serve, may we also turn our faces in prayerful unity towards those who suffer, and may the power of God’s love build bridges across the walls of isolation units and protective equipment, across seen and unseen barriers, and into the lives of all those who live and die without ever hearing the Gospel.


The virus continues to spread in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.  William Close, author of the book “Ebola”, says, “When you have communities living in abject poverty, exposed to all the diseases, the diseases can recur and they will keep on recurring. We have to turn our attention to that.”  For those who would like to understand what makes it a struggle to control this outbreak, who want to have more understanding of what they are praying for, these two videos provide background:

A Nova documentary about an earlier outbreak in Zaire (about 47 minutes, older format, but full of insights)

Ebola in Town – A report from Liberia highlighting the widespread eating of “bush” meat, and denial of Ebola (18 minutes)  As the disease spreads, those in the population who say there is no outbreak are becoming fewer and fewer.


We are asking God to supply the NZ$526,000 that is needed to help ELWA Hospital care for Ebola patients. Would you join us in prayer that this need will be met? Then, will you prayerfully consider if God is asking you to generously partner in meeting this need? It costs: •    $20 per day to supply one patient with additional medication and supplies. •    $60 to provide sheets and blankets, that cannot be reused, to one Ebola patient. •    $70 per day to provide staff to the isolated Ebola ward. •    $120 per month to maintain the Isolation Unit. •    $220 to cover one month of utility costs in the expanded Isolation Unit. Any size donation will help save lives and offer comfort as these patients face these very dark days.  Donate here and quote Ebola Crisis in Liberia,  Project #95217

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