Earthquake relief

earthquake project3
The Project:

SIM is asking for your support in prayer and giving to the Nepali people in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes.

We have people already on the ground, doing medical, education and community work; people known and respected in their local neighbourhoods. Working in partnership is SIM’s strength in Nepal. Help us to reach out to those injured, bereaved, homeless and having lost their livelihoods.

Please pray:

Interestingly, SIM was in the midst of a 40 Days of Prayer for Nepal event, asking for prayer for peace and reconciliation in the nation, for God’s hand against powers of darkness, corruption, trafficking and drug use, for growth in the church. Now to these needs we add the following requests:

  • healing and speedy help for those physically and psychologically scarred.
  • for rebuilding safe water supplies.
  • for funds and goods and more workers for relief work.
  • for the unity and cooperation among cross-cultural workers teams and NGOs.
  • for SIM staff as they prioritise how best to deliver assistance, to get quick supplies and help for the most damaged areas. And for their own needs — they were also affected by the quakes.
  • for no more earthquakes
  • for wisdom for the Nepali Government as they coordinate relief efforts.
  • for God to be found by ordinary Nepalis in the midst of this crisis;  that God would reveal Himself to Nepalis as the one true Living God who hears them.

Please give:

The need for engineers, suitable transport, food, clean drinking water, and numerous medical supplies remains very urgent. Funds raised through SIM will provide

  •  medical supplies and equipment for the hospitals
  •  support for devastated infrastructure in the areas that government support is unable to reach.

All SIM aid to Nepal is now under Project #88600.  Donate here and quote this number. We will update this as the specific areas of need are published.

Note: SIM provides assistance to all people, regardless of gender, race or religion. If the total required for this emergency response is raised, excess funds will ensure a fast response to the next disaster.