Friends make life fun!

Grace International School sits between the concrete jungle of Dhaka and functions out of three campuses. The buildings go to great lengths to pretend that they are mere houses but what goes on inside is fascinating. children from pre-school to Year 11 are allowed to dream big and discover the wonders of the world that God has created.



In a city where space is limited Grace still manages to provide learning experiences which are rich and contextualized. The children enjoy a holistic programme; they get to swim (at the American Club), play soccer (at the French School field), travel around Bangladesh for their field trips and are involved in projects to support slum schools and habitat for humanity.

We also bring the world into our classrooms using interactive whiteboards and electronic projection devices. We are aware that we are dealing with technology savvy children of the 21st century and don’t miss the opportunity to connect with them in their own ‘language’.

Grace provides a safe haven to these children, who hail from almost 30 different nationalities, and are on a journey of discovering that they are unique and created in his image

by Aleta Chowfin.


  • for teachers to have the ability to view the world through a child’s eyes, making learning exciting and fun.
  • for a willingness to be adventurous for the Gospel.


  • Help research for the developing of a Teachers’ Training Programme.
  • Do a 8 week term at Grace as a part of your practicum.
  • Lead a combined environment project with a year 5 class.
  • Support a slum school project

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