Delhi at home in New Zealand

It has become normal for partners on extended stays in New Zealand to keep their overseas roles by working online. But Alan Murray has taken over a New Delhi role that he does from home south of Auckland from the get-go.

Late last year, the Murrays heard through SIM NZ that Metro Delhi International School was faced with a challenge. Due to lockdown, like other schools worldwide, it was forced to move into online learning. They rapidly ‘patched’ their computer systems together to offer some sort of online presence that could be used by both teachers and students.

      The pluses are that online learning means they can use teachers from all over the world, and mission parents of students can work anywhere in the country without having to move to New Delhi to send children to MDIS. It also means opportunities to expand and reach into other countries, including ones with closed borders to the faith.

       But on the down side, a lot of their computer systems were not well integrated, causing difficult management, duplication of repetitive tasks, and difficulty getting information. In short, the school needed a Technical Manager to review, integrate and move forward with technology available. 

      Sean Marston at SIM NZ connected the principal with Alan – who has now begun this role, working part time to begin with. Fiona may be involved later to perform administrative tasks for the school, reviewing and supporting new students and their parents.

       An additional benefit is that registering the school computer systems in New Zealand by-passes corruption issues faced in Asia. 

       The Murrays feel that God has opened this opportunity to them.  Fiona says, “Even though this part of Asia was not our original destination, we have skills to offer and a heart to do so.”  Alan’s New Zealand employer, Enghouse Interactive, is open for him to stay on part-time while working in this new role, giving them a partial income while they look for mission supporters.    

       At some point they will need to travel to Delhi for a short time, to meet the staff and students and to experience the environment and culture, but this is basically a job working from New Zealand.

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