Dee plants an idea

“I have good news! Kasempa Foundations project has been approved by SIM International.”

This project is about seeing people’s lives improved through agricultural development. It also implements Dignity Zambia, a ministry that equips and empowers people, a discipleship programme to transform and help their own community.

As part of the ongoing discipleship process, Kasempa Foundations will teach the principles and methods of Foundations for Farming, a ministry that teaches how to be faithful and productive with the resources that God has given, to show people how to grow enough food to feed their families and have a surplus left to sell, enabling them to purchase other household needs.

Kasempa Foundations also teaches community groups how to prepare local but under-utilised nutritionally rich foods to help improve their diet. Local members of the community who already have knowledge of local resources and customs will be identified and trained. Other key areas that improve nutrition are better hygiene and sanitation, topics that will be incorporated into these teaching sessions.

What has been achieved so far?

Development of a model farm: I’ve been working on a piece of land near Mukinge Hospital for the last three seasons. Gradually we’ve cleared the land of rubble and now have about 1250 square metres of cropped land demonstrating Foundation for Farming methods. The plan is to build a classroom with an office and storage area. This year, I would like to see the area fenced off, as our crops are regularly stolen.

Dignity Training: At the end December, a leader came to share the vision of Dignity life groups and in January, local Dignity leaders held a training day to equip people to become leaders of life groups. From this training, I hope to see more life groups established within the local community.

To help realise the vision for Kasempa Foundations, the budget for the first year of operations is approximately NZ $3000 per month. Below are some examples of items (in NZ dollars) we need for the first year:

Initial Equipment (farm and cooking) $2200

Labour and Material to build a fence $4000

Office supplies and telecommunications $750

Conferences and Training $3,500

I’m asking if you would consider giving to the Kasempa Foundations project. Also, if you feel you could help in developing this project please speak to someone at SIM New Zealand []. To give, go to and quote Kasempa Foundations project # 94650.      —Dee Jones


As I plan for the future of Kasempa Foundations that I will be given wisdom to lead and to empower others to lead also.

For funds to come in to help make Kasempa Foundations a blessing to the people.