CUP saves children

Saving mothers from the sex trade also saves their children.  The vision of the Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP) is to see children and mothers from the streets and from vulnerable situations living well in society, helping each other, understanding God’s love and developing holistically.

CUP’s primary objective is to meet the needs of children on street or other high risk situations through working with them and their mothers. CUP recognises that they are not passive victims but actors in their own life situations and their abilities should be encouraged and utilised. However CUP also recognises that they have limited life opportunities and the vast majority will have had traumatic life experiences. CUP aims to work in partnership with women and children to empower them and offer them opportunities to improve their own lives.

Project background

The Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP) began in March 2008 to meet the needs of children at risk in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After research, CUP opened a drop-in centre in January 2009 for homeless children and mothers to have a safe place to receive support and services. It has since expanded its services running a training programme and night shelter. It concentrates on supporting mothers from their pregnancy onwards in order to help children from the beginning of their lives.

CUP is always running behind budget

Please consider donating through to help this project rescue women from histories of abuse, assisting them through pregnancy and birth, finding stability and a wholesome job, and hearing/living the gospel. Quote Project #BD98336 

Prayer Requests

  • Spiritual growth of staff and clients at CUP
  • The women who are in transition period to employment at Basha Enterprise Ltd. Pray that they will be able to fulfill the needed requirements.
  • The approval letter from the local government which is necessary for CUP’s fund release.
  • The women whose husbands are drug users and unemployed, and beat their wives. Pray for wisdom and strength for the women and for the staff reaching out to the husbands.
  • The new women CUP has taken in. Pray that they will be able to adjust well as they start their training.
  • CUP’s funding for the next four years.