Crops of Hope

“My children were not eating well. Thank you for showing us how to plant crops that enabled us all to eat better.
I planted two years in a row before moving down here to the main road.”

Dee Jones, Pastor Kapayi and I had travelled for nearly two hours over back roads near Kasempa, Zambia, searching for participants from a nutrition programme that Dee was part of in the community three years ago. We had stopped at one place, but the mum was out in the fields working hard. At another place the family had moved on. We asked at the rural clinic where the training had taken place, but they kept no records.
IMG_1354Everywhere we asked we saw many children roaming around and a few men completely sloshed on fermented grain or honey – barely living; without hope. Having also given up hope, we stopped into a market on our way back to town and asked if there were any participants there. One of the mothers, Gladys, was there and very grateful for the help that “Sister Dee” had been to her family. Everyone gathered around to hear the conversation and asked for Dee to come back again. Dee is currently learning Kaonde, the local language, to be able to communicate effectively and better help communities like this to apply Foundations for Farming principles and thereby break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness.
— Nigel Webb