Making broken things new in Thailand

Originally, the Faithful Witness team in Ayutthaya, Thailand, was built around a solid core of three Thai believers, three expat families, and a short-term worker. You can imagine our distress and concern when in 2020 the three families all left the team.

SIM’s work in Ayutthaya is strategic and vital. The province and city are an ancient centre of Buddhism and considered a stronghold of dark spiritual power. Despite a Christian presence since 1662, Ayutthaya has only a handful of small churches and so very few believers. Less than 0.01% of people have experienced new life in Jesus.
Amidst this rough beginning, believers worldwide have faithfully prayed for the people of Ayutthaya. Within a remarkably short period of time, and despite Covid restrictions and economic challenges, we are encouraged by the way God is at work. He makes broken things new.
Ruth is the one of workers who stayed when the others left. She bears witness to God’s faithfulness, “The last four years here have shown me the meaning of faithful-ness, both God’s faithfulness to me in hardship and trial and how he equips me to be faithful in response. Faithfulness is steady, constant, and reliable. Faithfulness perseveres through trial, fails, weeps, and tries again. Faithfulness holds out the gospel even when very few respond.”
God has renewed SIM’s Faithful Witness Ayutthaya team. Along with four experienced Thai Christians, eighteen adults and nine children sent from nine different nations all serve together!
There are so many reasons for which to praise God. The team has numerous opportunities to freely share the Good News in schools, even temple schools, in the detention centre, through art and music, with university students and those that “drop in.” A teacher recently commented, “A God who would die for sinners? This is a strange new thing”. Praise God for fruit as two young men at the detention centre have chosen to follow Jesus. Give praise for a mother and daughter eagerly listening and accepting a Thai children’s Bible. Give praise too for God’s safekeeping of a team member who delivered a baby by emergency C-section.
As faithful workers witness and worship, God is making broken things new.

• Thank you for your continued prayers for Kingdom impact as God works out His purposes in Ayutthaya. In the long-haul of language learning, pray for joy, energy and encouragement.
• Pray that workers’ families thrive spiritually. The door to ministry in the detention centre was unexpectedly shut – ask God to make a way.
• Pray that seeds sown will take root, be fruitful, and produce a harvest.