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This year we feature projects at three international schools which educate and mentor mission partners’ kids. Each has a connection with SIM NZ. These schools have a crucial role — without them offering top quality education, the mission parents wouldn’t be where they are.  And without these projects the schools can’t keep up-to-date in their work and developing to meet increased pressure of numbers.

14332993_1252899868077650_1754733422398358319_nRipples of Grace


Grace International School, Chiang Mai, Thailand urgently needs to raise funds towards  building a new school. Three years ago it simply ran out of space – which became academic because its former property was then reclaimed by owners. In temporary accommodation for two years, it really needs to be in its own new school in 2018.

Chiang Mai has become the world’s largest missionary hub. Mission partners’ desire is that their children’s needs are met educationally, so that they can complete the work God has called them to do. Grace not only serves these families by providing high quality and affordable education, but it also helps each individual child in their relationship with the Lord.  The school serves over 340 families, who are in turn serving millions in 24 countries in East and Central Asia. and had to turn 5 children away. The new school will be able to cater for 750 – 1000 students and ensure that His Kingdom can be built far and wide for many years to come.”
SIM hopes to raise its US$ 200,000 share of the US$ 20 million total cost of the whole new school.

Some items and costs (NZ$):

$45,000 = materials and labour for one classroom

$375      = a science lab workstation

$225      = a space for one art student

$40       = one square metre of a covered sports area

To donate go to and quote project #TH98482



Bingham Redevelopment



Bingham Academy, Addis Ababa, was founded in 1946. As it grows, the present site is big enough, but the buildings are showing their age – some even have mud walls and ceilings from many decades ago – and they are cramped.  To ensure the school thrives into the future for mission families and to cater for expected growth, the project must continue. Two buildings have been completed, the next now being designed is for the elementary school, around US$5 million to build and finish. Kiwis Jo Wodajo and Natasha Barnes are teaching at the school.         Project # ET92547




Sahel ComputersLab3

            In one of the poorest countries in the world, running a 21st century education and supporting it with necessary technology is a daily miracle. Power outages, heat and dust, fluctuating internet mean the school’s computers have to be up-to-date to cope. Sahel Academy in Niamey, Niger, is fundraising and still needs more than US$ 30,000 to provide new laptops and the technology to support them. Gifts for this project would help provide the equipment replacement and upgrades necessary for the curriculum.  Even when a teacher is not available children will have better access to on-line courses. The school serves 200 students from 20 countries whose parents serve in surrounding areas.

Project # NE88750


Do you know someone who has relied on one of these international schools?

To give to any of these projects, click here and quote its project number.