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Telling stories that matter

Years back, I felt compelled to seek a change from working in the UK photo-editorial world, in order to tell stories that I hope will make a positive difference in people’s lives. I do that with SIM, an international Christian mission active in more than 70 countries. Its heartbeat is for people to be reached with

Sushila sews a different future

Sushila* was born into the Badi (prostitution) caste in a south Asian border town.  As a girl she never had the chance to attend school and knew that when she became a teenager she would have to begin earning money for her family from sex work, just like her older sister, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother

Equally precious

What is SIM's theology of people? I heard of a missionary worker in Asia who observed a beggar girl in the street. Later that night the temperature dropped. The worker, lying warmly beneath her blankets, began to imagine the girl she had seen in the day. She knew that the girl was likely in extreme