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Healing the holy man

In the early weeks of winter, Gobind arrived at an EHA hospital in extreme pain. Ten years before, his wife had left him. She’d taken their only child with her. In response, he’d become a sadhu (Hindu holy man) – renouncing worldly pursuits and possessions and living in a temple, receiving alms offered by worshippers. It

Frank’s Story

It’s seven months since I got back from Nairobi, where I ran an art residency for SIM International Arts, and I’m bowled over by how God has taken that three-week event and breathed a life into it which keeps growing. Frank is one of the people we met. During the residency some of us went to a men’s prison

Sunday School Teachers United

Malawi's Sunday School Teachers United Movement (STUM) grew out of an idea in 2012, when Pastor John Msowoya was attending one of Kiwi missionary Jim Young’s Sunday school teacher training events. John decided to mobilise the churches in his area by setting up a committee to equip and resource Sunday school teachers.