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Something is happening

How do we understand the moment that we are living in?  God's mission is truly from anywhere to everywhere. In Colombia, Nigel and Richelle Webb are mentoring these young candidates for mission overseas.  Leidy and Jenny are looking to go to India, Cristal to refugee ministry in Greece and Liz is a dentist with her

Tariq has a plan

Tariq and his wife were born Muslims, and they still live in the city of their birth. By different means both became followers of Jesus, and later married. The small local church fellowship welcomed them - sort of. It has rather held them at arm's length because of anxiety about the Islamic population they

Are you a trailblazer?

Or are you someone who prefers to know what you're up for in advance? Someone who likes it when a buddy goes on ahead to scout out the lie of the land?  Some of us are pioneering types, pathfinders, who relish the challenges of blazing a trail. Both are needed in the big adventure