Project: Arsenic Poisoning Prevention, Bangladesh


About the Project

Clean water to drink — such a basic need!

Due to natural arsenic contamination of the groundwater in Bangladesh, up to 77 million people are estimated to be at risk. In the 1970s, many wells were installed as a safe source of drinking water for the population, but the danger of arsenic contamination was not recognised at the time. The project tests water, subsidises water filters for communities as well as raising awareness of arsenic contamination amongst vulnerable people groups.

How will your contribution help?

Villagers are provided SONO filters (costing $30 each) to remove naturally-occurring arsenic from their wells – health improves almost immediately and a life-threatening poison is removed by simple technology. Donations also go towards medical care for people seriously affected by long term exposure to arsenic.

Project Update (March 2015)

The main focus of the project over the past six months has been reparing old filters which had arsenic breakthrough and developing a system to regularly visit and maintain all filters in the field. We have also helped five serious arsenicosis patients who have developed skin cancer as a result of arsenic poisoning.
By transfering to a local man to manufacture the filters, we have significantly helped him and is family. It is encouraging to know the programme has beneficiaries not only at a receiving end (i.e. filter users and patients) but also at the supply end.

Prayer requests
Praise the Lord for the opportunity to significantly impact 5 families through extensive medical treatment. Pray that this treatment will lead to significant improvement in health and wellbeing.
•  This project assists the government and other agencies in implementing remedial solutions for the arsenic contamination in our target areas. Pray for productive relationships with officials.

You can help us provide water fit for life

Can you buy a SONO filter at $30 that will provide uncontaminated drinking water to 100 people?

It costs more than $1200 per patient to treat those who have developed skin cancer from arsenic poisoning.

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