A concerning deficit

One of the things which helps send our mission partners on their way, is for our staffing and day-to-day operating expenses here in NZ to be covered by gifts for that purpose, minimising the costs we need to pass on to members.

But our current financial position is concerning: We are closely monitoring our 2023 budget performance because we’re projecting to end the fiscal year, on September 30, with a deficit of approximately $137,000. Key to this has been receiving significantly less than our annual average for legacy giving. Our home staff support is also down by $12,000 for this time of year. We only have one new member so far. (The budget is built on three new members a year). We are tracking well in all other areas of our budget.

We have a member now on home assignment who is building support so she can return to her place of service (currently she is at 76% and needs $11,000 more to be fully funded.)

Please pray about our financial situation ‒ it would be awesome to turn the deficit around and finish the year strong. If you would like to know more regarding supporting partners or our office, please contact Michelle (nz.treasurer@sim.org) or Rob (nz.director@sim.org).