A Virus that Needs to Spread

In these times when people are avoiding overseas travel because the world seems a scarier, more volatile place, and many Christian organisations are seeing new levels of fall-off in interest in Kingdom ministries, here’s a radical thought: prayer!  Prayer is essential to any move of God, one of the most important ingredients in recruiting and releasing people to serve God in mission. Prayer is not just for a few who have the time and the gifting to pray. Everyone needs to be involved. Taking SIM’s motto By Prayer, we’re asking you to catch the 10:2b virus. Intentionally, deliberately, on purpose!

fieldIn Luke 10:2 Jesus told his disciples: “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” Like a virus that grows and grows, we encourage you to join with us in this prayer.

We’re praying that our partnerships with churches, like-minded organisations and alumni would strengthen, as we facilitate people to join in with what God is doing around the world, empowered to thrive and to make a difference. Specifically, we are praying that the Lord would increase our long-term mission partners from 42 to 60 by 2017.  We want to see 10 new long-term and 20 new short-term mission partners each year.

Here’s the plan:
On – 10th February 2015
At – 10:02am onwards
Pray for – 10+20 mission partners  (our faith goal of 10 members and 20 associates)
Place – wherever you are

We would like to thank you for taking time to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest, just as  a number of people are already praying every day at 10:02am for God to send labourers into the harvest! Join them and look out for others can you invite to start spreading the 10:2b virus!
If you need further assistance, please contact:

A Two Hand prayer strategy:

hands-2Right Hand /Five Finger Prayers – use your hand as a symbol to pray for five important areas in which there is a great need of sending out labourers:

a. The Thumb: Among many people (both in the West and the Communist nations) who deny belief in God and Jesus Christ and are resistant to the Gospel.
b. The Index Finger: Among Followers of Islam, who reject that Jesus is the Saviour of the World.
c. The Middle Finger: Among Followers of Hinduism, who syncretise the Christ with many millions of deities.
d. The Ring Finger: Among people who suffer injustice, forced labour, discrimination and exploitation of every kind.
e. The Smallest Finger: Among Followers of Buddhism, who do not accept a creator God and the Saviour who died to save humanity.

Left Hand /Five Finger Prayer for SIM NZ Mission Partners: 
a. The Thumb: Start by praying that those closest to you – your family, friends and church, will commit to intercede for mission partners.
b. The Index Finger: pray for those mission partners who serve as church planters, teachers, and doctors. They need support and wisdom to show truth and direction to others. Pray that they boldly share the gospel and show Christ’s love.
c. The Middle Finger: It’s the tallest finger. It reminds us of those who are leaders. Pray for mission partners who are leaders. Pray that they will exercise discernment and act in kindness.
d. The Ring Finger: It may surprise you that it is our weakest finger. It should remind us to pray for those who serve among weakest or those plagued by problems. Pray for mission partners who strive to serve those who suffer injustice, discrimination and exploitation.
e. The Smallest Finger: Pray for mission personnel who serve in home/sending offices to provide help with mobilisation, recruitment, administration and member care.

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