CUP saves children

Saving mothers from the sex trade also saves their children.  The vision of the Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP) is to see children and mothers from the streets and from vulnerable situations living well in society, helping each other, understanding God’s love and developing holistically. CUP’s primary objective is to meet the needs of children on street or

Dancing with Joy

When a short term team took tap shoes to SIM’s Beauty for Ashes aftercare home in South Asia, the girls at the home literally danced with joy. Thankfully the shoes fitted the girls perfectly. One of the team, a trained dance teacher, taught the girls some dance steps and a few routines. Many of the girls had never tap

Art at the edge

ART THERAPY is an area crying out for input from artists in cities where mission partners care for girls and women rescued from incest or slavery in the sex trade. Art therapists have ideal skills to contribute to helping survivors of this trauma rebuild their lives. The women say they’re not really free until they are free of all the after-effects, and under the guidance of a trained therapist, they can,