Tariq has a plan

Tariq and his wife were born Muslims, and they still live in the city of their birth. By different means both became followers of Jesus, and later married. The small local church fellowship welcomed them - sort of. It has rather held them at arm's length because of anxiety about the Islamic population they

How will they hear?

IN the unprecedented movement of people away from their homes to other places on the planet, God has given us tremendous opportunities. 65.6 million men, women & children have now been forcibly displaced worldwide. Are we just "watchers" or are we grasping the chance to do our small part in the migrations reaching right to

Mohammad’s story

My father woke me from a deep sleep. “Get up!” he said. “We’ve got to go,”  and, with that, we set off in our truck in the blackest night. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, he told me to get out. Then he turned me over to a people-smuggler, explaining I had to go - it was better for me.