Walking together as artists

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." And what a privilege to bring together another group of Christian artists keen to learn what God might have in store for them in his mission to the world. I'm just back from Nairobi, where SIM International Arts held its second art

Rescuing children

Due to political pressure, Nairobi police are rounding up the city's street kids by the hundreds and putting them in holding centres or cells. The kids usually find their way back to the streets within days or weeks if no one comes to place them in suitable care homes.  Government's attempts to create shelters for them are

Art as a catalyst

What business does a group of artists have, visiting a huge rubbish dump in Nairobi, sitting in tiny shacks with the trash pickers or bringing art materials to their kids? The recent Art Residency in Kenya - the first time SIM International Arts has done something like this - was first and foremost to bring