Mohammad’s story

My father woke me from a deep sleep. “Get up!” he said. “We’ve got to go,”  and, with that, we set off in our truck in the blackest night. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, he told me to get out. Then he turned me over to a people-smuggler, explaining I had to go - it was better for me.     

Do you fit here?

MECO and SIM have joined forces in the Middle East, allowing them to achieve so much more together for the gospel than either could alone. Both are old established organisations: Middle East Christian Outreach has a long history of work in the region, partnering with churches for 156 years to take the gospel to people

Perilous journeys

We are focusing on prayer for refugees to mark SIM Founders' Day, 2015. Pray with us! More than 507,000 Syrian Civil War refugees have already arrived in Europe. Each day, more people are fleeing from atrocity, fear and hardship. After treacherous journeys, they arrive in Europe exhausted, traumatised, vulnerable. They need the gospel of Jesus Christ and they need our